The Pastor’s Dove of a Wife

The protestant pastor of Gát is marrying a gentry’s girl from Pest.  The pastor, who came from a peasant family and studied his way into the middle class, seeks a form of legitimacy with the marriage. But the wife finds the pastor’s calling to be her “rival.” The gray role of the “pastor’s wife” is boring to her until Ábris Thorsa, the third party, appears on the scene.

Directed by: Vitézy László
Produced by: Kálomista Gábor
Adorjáni Bálint (Thorzsa Ábris),
Banovits Vivianne (Ica),
Csányi Sándor (Tanitó),
Pindroch Csaba (Énók)


TV Feature film * 2013 * color * 105min  Nov. 12. 9:45 Monica Film Center



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