The Guszev Case – Arulok

This time the creators of Freedom Flight portray Budapest in the 1940s. Traitors is a true story about Bela Illes, the adventurer who as a half Hungarian writer and half Soviet major, produces politically useful propaganda documents. This is done to improve the image of the Soviet army occupying Hungary and is distributed among the robbed and abused Hungarian population.  This story is about the most popular creature by Illes called Colonel Guszev, who gets a plague in the inner city street named after him even though he never existed.


Directed by: Fazakas Péter
Produced by: Lajos Tamás
Cast: Hegedűs D. Géza, Sztarenki Dóra, Klem Viktor


TV Feature film * 2017 * color * 64min  Nov. 13 7:30pm  Monica Film Center







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