During the revolution of October 1956, the students of a village school burn their Russian language textbooks as they believe they never have to lean Russian again, However, after the invasion of Hungary by the Soviet troops and the subsequent brutal repression, every student has to present his or her Russian Textbook to avoid expulsion. A little boy helps out one of his older peers search for the book in hope of securing his friendship.

Directed by: Csicskár Dávid
Produced by: Muhi András, Ferenczy Gábor
Cast: Cservák Zoltán, Gillich Koppány, Horváth Lajos Ottó, Barta Ágnes, Korom Mihály

TV Short film 2015 * color * 16min Monday. Nov. 13. 5:00pm Laemmle Monica Film Center

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