Lili Darvas, the famed stage actress and widow of Ferenc Molnar, portrays a bed-ridden old woman in this emotionally precise drama. Her daughter-in-law, whose husband is in jail as a political prisoner, concocts a fictitious story about his life as a filmmaker in America and forges letters from him filled with Hollywood gossip, which the mother devours as she awaits her son’s return. When he is finally sprung from prison, it is too late.

1971 * B&W * 84 mins.

The wife of a political prisoner tends to her mother-in-law and keeps from the old woman the truth about her son, whom she believes is in New York making a film.

It has now been beautifully restored by Hungarian National Film Archive with the support of the Hungarian National Film Fund.

Director: Károly Makk
Writers: Péter Bacsó, Tibor Déry (novel)
Stars: Lili Darvas, Mari Töröcsik, Iván Darvas

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