Daniel takes a Train

This acclaimed feature, structured as a nail-biting thriller, confronts one of the most sensitive political periods, 1956, when Hungarians fought Soviet troops in the streets of Budapest. Daniel, hopelessly in love with Marianne, the girl next door, decides to join his friend on a train headed for the Austrian border. The film, in the words of Variety, captures “the complexities and passions a tense and grimly funny experience.

It has now been beautifully restored by Hungarian National Film Archive with the support of the Hungarian National Film Fund. 

Directed by Pal Sandor
Cast: Péter Rudolf, Ági Margitai, Tamás Major, Sándor Zsótér,
Gyula Bodrogi, Mari Törőcsik, Dezső Garas, Kati Szerb, András Kern

Hungarian with English Subtitles
2083 * color * 90min.

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