Condemned to Live/Small Prison

The documentary presents a lesser known, yet very important scene of the retribution that followed the 1956 revolution and fight for independence, the Kisfogház (Small Prison) through eletreiteltek-en_filmplakat_680x980mmthe reminiscences of the one-time victims.

eletreiteltek-en_filmplakat_680x980mmPeople sentenced to death for political reasons were executed in the courtyard of the prison. Three of the protagonists of this documentary escaped death by hanging in the last minute, however, many other prisoners were murdered. The film offers a shocking portrait of the impossibility of processing this trauma and the survivors’ incessant compulsion for remembrance.

Noemi Veronika Szakonyi
Mate Artur Vincze

2015 * color * 52min.

Friday, October 21 5:15PM