Friday, October 21
5:30 PM               Condemned to live/Small Prison (FREE EVENT)
7:30 PM               Opening Ceremony – Children of Glory (120min) 
9:30 PM               Opening Ceremony – Children of Glory Stars of the film: Kata Dobo, Ivan Fenyo will attend


Saturday, October 22
12:30 PM             Wednesday Child & Love (Short animation)
3:00 PM               ARGO 2 & Donkey Xote (Short film) Tunde Skovran Co-producer of “Donkey Xote” will attend
5:15 PM               Colossal Sensation (Koltai Robert, Director & Star will attend)
7:30 PM               Demimonde Not recommended under 16!  Dorka Gryllus star of “Demimonde” will attend
9:45PM                Koltai Kabare with music – Guest Kata Dobo


Sunday, October 23
12:30 PM             Mom and Other Loonies from the Family
3:00 PM               Weekend Dorka Gryllus – Star of the film will attend
5:15 PM               Home Guards & Is it Hanukkah yet? (Short animation) Ivan Fenyo – Star of “Home Guards” will attend
7:30 PM               The Man Who Was Thursday (Balazs Juszt director will attend)
9:45 PM               You must live here, must die here  -World Premier (Producer, Bezzegh Zoltan will attend)


Monday, October 24
5:00 PM               Condemned to live/Small Prison (FREE EVENT)
7:15 PM               Children of Glory
9:30 PM               The Sun Street Boys/The Moment (Short film)


Tuesday, October 25
5:00 PM               Colossal Sensation
7:15 PM               Mom and Other Loonies from the Family
9:30 PM               Weekend


Wednesday, October 26
5:00 PM               Demimonde & Superbia (Animation short) Not recommended under 16
7:15 PM               Wednesday Child & Love (Short Animation)
9:30 PM               Argo 2 – Donkey Xote (Short film)


Thursday, October 27
5:00 PM               Titita & Boys from the Block (Short)
7:15 PM               Home Guards & Is it Hanukkah yet? (Short animation) 
9:30 PM               Kills on Wheels (Hungarian entry for the 2017 Oscar)