Angi Vera

Angi Vera Carussle

Angi Vera is a strikingly beautiful 18-year-old assistant nurse living in postwar Hungary. When she speaks out publicly about problems at her hospital, she’s not condemned by the new communist regime — she’s earmarked for big things. Sent to a party training school in a rural town, she must debate the nation’s new philosophies with other “chosen” pupils. Various important men compete to seduce her, and Vera goes along with the party line, losing her innocence in the process.

Director:     Pál Gábor

Writers:      Pál Gábor, Endre Vészi

Stars:        Vera Pap
Erzsi Pásztor
Éva Szabó
László Halász
László Horváth



1997 * color * 90min