Valami Amerika 3

The Várnai brothers are stuck in prison where they have to make a new version of East West.

Thanks to conman Alex, the loser brothers Tamás, Ákos and András get into situations even more impossible than ever. Circumstances are complicated still further by the police as well as two rival mafia gangs run by Bala and Toni. The hunt is on for a mysterious stamp worth millions and the boys’ fate is at stake once again. Eszter and Timi join in the fun as the race begins to beat the clock. Will the hapless bunch manage to escape intact again?

Directed by Gabor Herendi

Csaba Pindroch,
Gyozo Szabo,
Ferenc Hujber,
Eszter Onodi,
Szonja Oroszlan,
Tibor Szervet,
Imre Csuja,
Andras Farago,
Szabolcs Thuróczy,
Zolee Ganxsta

Genre :

20018 * color * 103min

Sponsored by
Dr. Gabor Szabo

10/18/2018 8:00pm

10/24/2018 7:30pm