The Transmissioner

The Ford T model has revolutionized driving in the early decades of the twentieth century. It was cheap, reliable and easy to handle, 17 million units were sold over the years. Few know that in the design and realization of the car, key role played a Hungarian engineer who had gone from Makó to Detroit to realize his dreams. József Galamb’s life is not merely one of the American success stories: his fate was dependent on both his talent and perseverance, but also his luck. After years of schooling in Hungary he worked modestly for years in factories until Henry Ford discovered his exceptional creativity and engineering genius to become the chief engineer at Ford. Galamb, was a celebrated star in his surroundings, but he never forgot his Hungarian roots. In his life, he established a scholarship, and a car depots in his homeland, and after his death in half a century, he won a prestigious place in the Hungarian technical history pantheon. His memories are guarded by statues, commemorative plaques , high schools, and especially his Alma Mater, the Óbuda University. We hope that this film will also guard his memory with the interviews and archive footage, that draw the portrait of this extraordinary man.

2018 * color * 50min

English language