The second episode of BP Underground is about the underground hip hop culture of Budapest. Similarly to the previous Hardcore/Punk episode, it builds a unique visual world including many original archive clips, documenting the birth and thriving of Hungarian hip hop. The movie will guide viewers through the much-loved talent contest, Fila Rap Jam, and historical event-series like Gimmeshot, Microfonparties and the OSG. On top of that, viewers will get an insight into sadly-missed venues like Filotorigát, Maszk klub and Kultiplex.

Besides dealing with the most important characters, from rappers to MCs and DJs, it also introduces the viewer to the Hungarian culture of graffiti, gypsy hip hop, female performers and break dancers. The upcoming episode aims to discover how the capital of Hungary, as a center, shaped the subculture, and how a cultural exchange took place between the hip hop figures from the countryside and the faces of Budapest hip hop.

BP Underground’s Hip Hop episode is a historical deep-dive, transporting the viewer back to the true 90’s and 2000’s feeling: an era of overflowing Western influence, when hanging around street corners, playing street basketball, Yo! MTV Raps and home-copied cassettes bloomed like they never did before…

Directed by Eszter Turan, Anna Koltay
Producer: Eszter Turan

2018 * color * 85min