Director: Károly Makk
Writers: Péter Bacsó, Sándor Hunyady (novel)
Stars: Margit Makay, Irén Psota, Carla Romanelli, Georgiana Tarjan, György Cserhalmi

A Very Moral Night is a spirited turn-of-the-century tale of a poor medical student lodging cheaply and happily in a bordello in a small Hungarian town. When his widowed mother makes a surprise visit, the madam and the girls set about miraculously transforming the bordello into a respectable boarding house.

Karoly Makk makes the film thrive on… double standard role-playing: laughs mingle with tears, propriety with a lust for life, and the human with the moral…

A Very moral night elozetes

Makk Karoly 85 / Szuletesnapi koszonto



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