A deep drama about life in Hungary after the WW 2 until the revolt against Russians in 1956. The main character is the head of the black market in Budapest. He thinks he can buy everyone and everything but at the end he must face that he can’t buy life.

The story unfolds on the flea-market in Budapest from 1945 till 1956. Monori, the merchant is the king of the market. Just like king Midas, whatever he touches turns to gold. This ability to turn a quick forint on anything from apples to lentils leads him to beleive that gold is the ultimate power. in 1956 blood flows on the streets of Budapest, with gold in his sack, he is going to put the magical yellow metal to the test once more.

“When I was a child, you could  get anything at the market, and everything could happen.
It wan’t even a simple marketplace -it was an agora, where people lived together. These people were high-strung, they acted on instinct, brutal, barbaric, idol-worshiping people, sudden tempered men, who loved money, their clan, their offspring with indescribable passion. My grandfather was looked up to at the market. He meant protection, shelter, he was the leader.” Geza Beremenyi  

Distributed in the USA & Canada by European Video Distributors

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